Recipients and Objectives

1. Tree of Life is the provision of care and services to families and/or people who are in your home in the postpartum period.

2. The objectives of SAD are:

  •   Contribute to improving the quality of life of mothers and families;
  • Contribute to reconciling the family’s family and professional life;
  • Promote training development strategies for motherhood and parenthood;
  • Provide adequate care and services to the needs of customers, which are subject to contracting;
  • Strengthen the skills and capacities of families and other caregivers;
  • Ensure an individual and personalized service according to the specific needs of each person;

Care and Services

1.  For the pursuit of its goals, the SAD provides a diversified set of care and services, depending on the needs of users;

2.  The care and services provided by SAD are available every day of the week including Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and nights if necessary.

3. Tree of Life provides its care and services:

  • Wellness checks, baby and mother
  • Support breastfeeding and baby feeding (bottle)
  • Maintenance and storage area for rest and use of the mother and baby
  • Childcare: bath support, diaper change,…
  • Support for the mother in personal hygiene and rest
  • House maintenance and tidying
  • Take care of siblings
  • Cooking food at home
  • Family night sleep care (baby support)


1.  For the purpose of admission, the user must register by filling out a registration form that is an integral part of the user’s process, and must provide proof of the declarations made, by delivering copies of the following documents:

  • Customer ID or Citizen Card
  • Taxpayer Card of the user and legal representative, when necessary;
  • User’s and legal representative’s Social Security Beneficiary Card, when necessary;
  • Housing address 

2.  Except, eventually, some documents that are only required in case of admission; 

3.  The registration form and the supporting documents referred to in the previous number must be delivered to the institution’s central services; 

4.  In case of doubt, other supporting documents may be requested; 

5. In case of urgent admission, the presentation of the registration process and respective supporting documents may be waived, and the process of obtaining the missing data must be started immediately.

Hours of Operation

The Tree of Life is open every weekday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, with nights.