Sovereign Mother

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Become a Sovereign Mother

In 12 weeks you will be the mother that transformed her insecurities and doubts into crystal clear knowing.

A Sovereign Mother with heightened intuition that knows how to take care of herself and her family in the most natural and healthy way. An activator of a new consciousness and way of living for yourself and your beloved ones.

Trust in yourself and let go of overwhelmed feelings about motherhood and partnership. By finding your sovereign place in your family constellation, getting the tools on how to use energy healing and food as preventative medicine you will be able to have a balanced life and raise healthy Kids in the most natural way.

  • Flow with your family by deeply understanding the subtle dynamic between all of your family members
  • Make decisions with ease and grace, as you learn to enhance your natural intuition and wisdom.
  • Prevent and heal family ailments and diseases by learning how to efficiently utilize energetic healing
  • Balance your family’s health by using the concepts of Yin and Yang energy in food
  • Your lifestyle will change as you start to live as somebody that prevents ailments and diseases and knows how to diagnose earlier misalignments on health.
  • Change from curative health care to preventative health care.


The program will have:

  • Context Creation: Motherhood as the most sacred path
  • Energetic transformation, soul path, family constellation.
  • Natural food and home remedies to enhance healing  at the very 1rst signs of body misalignment


The group will be small  in order to give deeper attention to every mother and still create a sisterhood of mothers that support each other.

A healthy and empowered mother knows how to take care of herself and her family’s health. The process of becoming a sovereign mother is about trusting yourself and making the best choices regarding health concerns for everyone in the family.

This is a small investment considering the life-long changes in your family’s health and your peace of mind for the next few years. This 3000€ will allow you to save in doctors appointment, sleepless nights, overwhelming feelings, insecurities and hospital bills in the future

Payment plan: 2x 1700€ or 3x 1200€


What my clients say:

I highly recommend both the course and the teacher/mentor 🙏👌. It should be given right away in schools because of its importance.

Sandra M.


Finally I can sleep very well, I don’t wake up feeling sick and I’ve already managed to do yoga. The body is gradually deflating. Thank you for your precious help.

Sara C.



About me…

Rute Candeias Vinagre is founder and visionary of Tree of Life.

Before being a mom she did a 6 month silence retreat and was working as an energetic healer and coach. She has been Macrobiotic for 9 years  and she graduated from Macrobiotic school in 2020.

She has 8 years of experience in teaching energetic healing and gives Food and Macrobiotic Counseling for Pregnant, Mothers, Babies and Toddlers.

She investigated in order to create specific Postpartum Food recipes she offers in Tree of Life.

Motherhood is one of the most sacred soul paths a woman walks and she has been supporting women in that area since 2018.