Privacy Policy

Last update on June 8th, 2021 Tree of Life is responsible for the processing, determining the purposes and means of processing the personal data it collects within the scope of this website. Our Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and why we do so, how we use that information, as well as the options available with regard to personal data, including access, updating, deletion and limitation of data processing. Tree of Life reserves the right to update or modify its Privacy Policy whenever necessary to comply with legal obligations and to guarantee and respect the privacy of our customers with regard to their personal data.

Tree of Life Cookies Policy

What data is collected and for what purpose?

The site collects data about its customers in the context of processing suggestions, complaints and clarifying doubts regarding the service provided.

The website collects data exclusively for the purposes identified above based on the client’s consent 


Use of cookies? 

The site collects browsing data using cookies, small text files that identify your computer device. 

The collection of cookies allows us to assist in the management and updating of website content, saving user preferences, understanding the trend of navigation for a continuous improvement of our website. 

The purpose of collecting cookies is to know which pages are most visited within our website. 

This information is used solely for website statistical purposes and is not shared with any other entity. 

What is the data retention period? 

Personal data will be kept for the period strictly necessary and adequate to the fulfillment of the identified processing purposes. 

Personal data may be kept for a longer period of time if necessary to comply with legal obligations that require their conservation for a minimum period.

Who has access to the personal data we collect? 

The site will adopt the necessary and reasonable precautions in order to ensure that its employees with access to personal data receive adequate training for its correct processing, with respect for this policy and the legal obligations of data protection, segmenting access and minimizing the risk of improper access to personal data. 

The site will not sell or share its databases with third parties. 

What are the rights of the data subject? 

In accordance with the General Regulation on Personal Data, the Data Subject is entitled to be aware of the purpose of the processing of their data, and may also request that said data be consulted, rectified, deleted or request that their processing be limited.

In order to exercise their rights regarding the respective personal data, the holder of the same can make their request in writing through the following means: