Pampering the Mother Retreat

Pampering the Mother

Because all mothers deserve a day where they are pampered and nurtured. A day to break out of the routine. A day in which they take the opportunity to fill their cup and be able to give even more love to their baby.

At this meeting we will have the support of Maternity Caregivers who will take care of your baby while you enjoy the relaxing practices that we have designed for you.

Date: May 4, Saturday
Opening hours: 9am-5pm
Location: Criatoria Nacional, Benedita

We know that mothers and pregnant women have specific nutritional needs, so we will have healthy snacks and lunches available to suit you and your baby.

Pampering the Mother retreat offers you:

A safe and cozy environment organized by a team of professionals to take care of you and your baby. The entire retreat was designed to provide a stress-free environment to feel at home, nourished and protected.

Mother and baby will have tasty, nutritious and revitalizing homemade meals made by our wonderful macrobiotic cook.

A 1-day journey designed with structured practices, meditations to support you in deep relaxation and connection with your being (womb-heart-soul connection).

Quality time with yourself, your baby and other mothers. With our support, care and attention you will have time to enjoy your baby and have fun with other mothers and babies.

If you wish to share this amazing day with us and feel deeply nurtured and understood in your motherhood journey just enroll now and we will give you all the details by email.

What’s included:

The delicious, nutritious and healthy meals will be prepared by our team, using Macrobiotic Principles. Includes morning snack, lunch and all day snacks .
We will have food for mothers and food for babies. (Close to the event we will contact each mother to find out in detail the baby’s needs).

We will have a safe, cozy and playful place to take care of your baby when necessary, so that you can enjoy the practices, relax and have time for yourself. It will be open during the day. Your baby will be supported and cared for by our excellent kindergarten teachers who will also do activities with them (according to the baby’s developmental stage, of course!)

Our reviews from last year retreat:

This Retreat is for…

Mothers that recognize that it takes a village to raise a baby. Mothering the Mother is to deeply nurture and pamper you so that you have your cup full and can be your best version mom.

Mothers that sense motherhood as one of the most sacred, beautiful and spiritual paths that a woman can walk and want to consciously grow with their babies.

Mothers that mother in their unique and special way and accept that each mother has her own style of mothering. Mothers that learn with each other and praise each other.

The value of this 1 day Exquisite Retreat for you and your baby(ies) to be able to fully relax and recover with everything covered from food to accommodation and support is 160€.

If you want to know more about this retreat, book a discovery call with me and I will gladly answer all your questions.

If you want, you can also book a discovery call to have a one-to-one meeting.

Our team

Rute Vinagre

Rute was born in Portugal in 1983. She lived in Congo, Israel and Netherlands, travelled through India and the Balkans. She is an investigator in women’s health and development; working as a holistic therapist and macrobiotic consultant. Rute is a mother of 3 and founder of Tree of Life – care for motherhood, a company that gives home support for new moms and babies.

Cristina Guerra

Cristina is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Therapist, with many differing experiences in the field of mental and emotional well-being. She has experience supporting people recovering from injuries and post-partum rebalance. She uses the yoga restorative and nidra to restore the system as whole, from the physical to the mental and spiritual

If you wish to share this amazing day with us and feel deeply nurtured and understood in your motherhood journey just enroll now and we will give you all the details by email.