Wisdom of the Heart

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Invitation to work with me for 16 weeks in “Wisdom of the Heart”.

This is an offer for women who want to feel whole by aligning their soul purpose with their heart desires.  The Wisdom of the Heart is about connecting your soul, heart and womb, so that you move through life in total integrity.

If you are already practicing yoga, meditation, doing your reiki or other similar practices, but you still feel you are going astray or it takes a lot of effort to keep your spark and life-energy, let me tell you that this program is for you. 

I am sure you already got glimpses of totality, that moment of inner peace when life unfolds in front of you and everything that happened in your life makes perfect sense. Do you know you can have that inner peace and strength no matter what is happening on the outside?

The Wisdom of the Heart is designed to give you the tools so that you can feel and be whole, know how to take care of your health and energy levels, and easily get back on track when you slip.


For 16 weeks you will:


  • Be healthier and feel lighter by using natural food and healing remedies
  • Learn the essence of macrobiotics: yin & yang in food and cooking methods 
  • Learn home remedies and herbs to support women’s health issues
  • Use food to enhance your purpose

You’ll walk away with the knowledge of what healthy food actually is and  how to use it as medicine not only for your own benefit but for all the family. 


  • Gain crystal clear clarity about what you are sensing and deeply connect with your intuition by learning energetic healing:
  • Use wisely the 7th sense: the inner pendulum that  gives you the ability to connect and measure energy in all its frequencies.  
  • Ignite your inner healer and learn how to transform traumas, fears, blockages and start living in the divine flow
  • Know your higher purpose and how to live it.

You’ll walk away with tools and knowledge that can be used in everyday challenges, by shifting the blocked energy into flow energy while reframing your mindset. 


  • Befriend your Divine Self and your Soul Knowledge by practicing ancient meditation techniques:
  • Set and create a clear environment to meditate safely and go deeper in your self-knowledge and awareness..
  • Learn how to navigate between the different brain waves without feeling disconnected or  getting migraines.
  • Start embodying your purpose and live purposely.

You’ll walk away with grounded and trustworthy methods and techniques to truthfully connect with your Soul Self and Divine Guidance.


What’s Included:

  • The complete Wisdom of the Heart framework with pre-recorded, live lessons,  worksheets. 
  • 16 x 2 hour group sessions – we’ll meet every week for teachings and practices in order for you to integrate them deeply into your being. 
  • 1x 2h private 1:1 session


My happy clients say:

“I highly recommend both the course and the teacher/mentor 🙏👌. It should be given right away in schools because of its importance.” 

By Sandra M.


You’ll be the most successful in this program if:


  • You are more than 29 years old.
  • Truth and integrity are part of your core values.
  • You know you are here to embody a purpose higher than yourself
  • You are open to work with energy in all its dimensions
  • You’re okay with being little woo-woo
  • You are happy to change your diet (at least during the program) 
  • You are willing to change your life and lifestyle



This is a small investment considering the lifelong knowledge and changes you’ll gain. The Wisdom of the Heart will not only support you in creating a healthier lifestyle, but will also give you the wisdom, methods and techniques for you to be independent either on taking care of yourself, making life-changing decisions or living and embodying your purpose everyday. 


By this, the 3000€ will allow you to save money, distress and time in the future. You’ll have the tools to heal ailments, create health and reduce practitioner consultations. You will be able to follow your intuition and trust deeply in Life and overcome its challenges. You will be able to make independent  and wiser commitments regarding your truth and desires. 


If you feel called to step into this work with me book an discovery call with me