Mothering the Mother Retreat

Mothering the Mother is a 4-day retreat created especially for mothers and babies, with gentle practices and the utmost attention to detail and the particular needs of mothers and babies.

The first years of motherhood can be very demanding.

A mother is the safe haven for her baby and is in constant giving of herself. This retreat was created to give the mothers the support and pamper they need. A mother needs to be mothered in order to have enough to give to her baby all the love and attention he needs.

Matrescence, the birth of a mother, is a deep transition in a woman’s life. With this retreat, we aim to give you emotional, physical support and tools to navigate and enjoy this beautiful period of your life.

A smooth immersion in motherhood, where mothers and babies are welcomed and supported, giving the mother time to dedicate herself while we support her so she can take care her of herself and the baby.

All this in a calm environment, with nutritious homemade food and the possibility of massages and spa.

Mothering the Mother offers you:

A safe and cozy environment led by a team of experts to take care of you and your baby. The whole retreat is designed to give you a stress free environment, for you to feel home, nurtured and held.

We have a great team to support you during these days:
– You and your baby will have home made tasty, nutritious and vitalizing meals made by our wonderful macrobiotic cook.
– Your baby will be taken care by the kindest kindergarten experts

A 4 day journey designed with structured practices, meditations and sound healing in order to support you in getting in deep relaxation and connection with your being (womb-heart-soul connection).

During these 4 days:
– You will feel lighter and create inner joy by releasing any tensions and constraints you have been keeping
– Calm down and reset your nervous system and feel more whole and connected

Quality time with yourself, your baby and other mothers. With our support, care and attention you will have time to rest, enjoy your baby and have fun with other mothers and babies.

You will:
– Enjoy the surroundings, go to the spa and have a massage if you want.
– Have the opportunity to do Shantala baby massage to your baby with our guidance and support.

Staying in Hotel Casa da Amieira
A house to get away from the city, noise and confusion and have contact with the fauna and flora in their natural habitat. A natural setting, created by nature and shaped by the elements, where the fresh air, the wild aromas, the buzzing of insects and the calm rustle of vegetation touched by the wind live. A place that invites you to discover and experience the breadth and purity of the outside landscape, a space with everything you need to feel all the freedom and tranquility inside.

If you wish to share this amazing four days with us and feel deeply nurtured and understood in your motherhood journey just enroll now and we will give you all the details by email.

What’s included:

You and your baby will stay in Bungalows. There are Bungalows with one bedroom and Bungalows with 2 bedrooms with private bathrooms. Each bedroom has a queen size bed and a crib if needed. All the bungalows have a kitchen, air conditioning, living room with dining area, private deck with seating, dining and sun loungers, free access to the Amieira Spa, gym, games room, bicycles and can visit to the animals of the Amieira farm.

The delicious, nutritious and healthy meals will be cooked by our team, using the Macrobiotic Principles. It includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner.
We will have food for mothers and food for babies. (Near the event we will contact each mother to know in detail the baby needs).

We will have a safe, cozy and playful place to take care of your baby when needed, so that you can enjoy the practices, relax and have time for yourself. It will be open during daytime. Your baby will be held and supported by our excellent kindergarten teachers that will also do activities with him/her (according to the baby’s developmental stage of course!)

Closer to the date of the retreat, and according to the group traveling needs, we might organize transportation
We will also organize between mothers and babies to ensure the traveling is lighter

Our reviews from last year retreat:

This Retreat is for…

Mothers that recognize that it takes a village to raise a baby. Mothering the Mother is to deeply nurture and pamper you so that you have your cup full and can be your best version mom.

Mothers that sense motherhood as one of the most sacred, beautiful and spiritual paths that a woman can walk and want to consciously grow with their babies.

Mothers that mother in their unique and special way and accept that each mother has her own style of mothering. Mothers that learn with each other and praise each other.

The value of this 4 day Exquisite Retreat for you and your baby(ies) to be able to fully relax and recover with everything covered from food to accommodation and support is 1600€.

Note that this price is an early bird until 31st of July. After that the price will rise.

Payment available in 2 installments of 900€ each.

If you want to know more about this retreat, book a discovery call with me and I will gladly answer all your questions.

Our team

Rute Vinagre

Rute was born in Portugal in 1983. She lived in Congo, Israel and Netherlands, travelled through India and the Balkans. She is an investigator in women’s health and development; working as a holistic therapist and macrobiotic consultant. Rute is a mother of 3 and founder of Tree of Life – care for motherhood, a company that gives home support for new moms and babies.

Cristina Guerra

Cristina is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Therapist, with many differing experiences in the field of mental and emotional well-being. She has experience supporting people recovering from injuries and post-partum rebalance. She uses the yoga restorative and nidra to restore the system as whole, from the physical to the mental and spiritual

Madalena Ferreira

Madalena is a Maternity Caregiver and Postpartum doula. She is also Yoga teacher for pre and postpartum and Ayurvedic massage therapist. She is a mother and passionate about unveiling the paths of motherhood. She is a Nature Medicine Woman, organizer of Ecstatic Dance events


Aida Paiva

Aida Paiva is 60 years old. She is married, mother and grandmother. She is been teaching out of passion for forty years. She was a Kindergarten teacher, part of the pedagogical direction and school administration. She studied psychology, special education and painting. Children are her sunshine, the best in the world as she describes it! She is also a reiki therapist and Hatmara-merkava healer and teacher.

Domingas Lorena

Mother of three, the creator of the brand Shizen_naturetogo is passionate about a healthy lifestyle, where plant-based eating plays a central role. He has promoted this diet and lifestyle through his Shizen_naturetogo page, workshops and retreats, as well as with his private clients

If you wish to share this amazing four days with us and feel deeply nurtured and understood in your motherhood journey just enroll now and we will give you all the details by email.

If you want, you can also book a discovery call to have a one-to-one meeting.