Home and personal support

Tree of Life provides postpartum home support for mothers and their families. For us motherhood is sacred and should be treated with respect, care and love.

Primarily, we support the mother and the baby, but we can also support other family members. We plan our intervention accordingly the family routines and wishes, giving them confidence and assurance during this wonderful and overwhelming phase, while performing their new roles. We support the mother and the baby at feeding times (breastfeeding or bottle) and making delicious and nutritious meals specifically for postpartum.

We carry out basic check-ups to ensure the health of both the mother and the baby, and provide reliable and useful information/tips for each stage of the postpartum period.

We also carry out small daily household shores.

We work under the guidance of the family and we focus on your well-being. We adapt to family dynamics and do not interfere with the mother and the family’s decisions or choices.

Call us and together we'll find the best solution for you and your family.

The Essential Plan

It’s during the immediate postpartum period (the first 7 days after labour) that the mother and her baby go through the most baffling transformation. Tree of Life is specialized in supporting families during this delicate development period of the baby. Creating skills is also our motto!

We know the first days are crucial in connecting (and bonding) the mother and the baby. And we also keep a close eye on the mother’s recovery. We’re all eyes, we don’t miss a thing!

The duration of the Essential Plan is 5 hours of support for 7 days after delivery.

The Plan includes:

  • Baby and mother health checks

  • Support on breastfeeding and bottle baby feeding

  • Keeping the rest area tidy

  • Childcare: bathing support, nappy changing and other baby

    care shores

  • Supporting the mother in their personal hygiene and rest

  • Discussing and clarifying concerns and queries about the postpartum period through reliable information


The Essential Plan is €840

*travel expenses are not included

Call us and together we'll find the best solution for you and your family.

Family Support

For the families who want a complete support during the postpartum period, we have created a Plan that, in addition to all the services of the Essential Plan, includes specific care, food and postpartum recovery services.

The Complete Plan includes 10 days that can be framed in 2 weeks or 4 weeks.

  • Health checks for mother and baby
  • Taking care of issues related to mother’s recovery after birth
  • Support and assistance with breastfeeding and baby feeding (bottle)
  • Maintenance and tidiness for mum and baby’s rest area
  • Childcare: support and assistance in the bath, diaper change etc.
  • Support and assistance for mothers: personal hygiene and rest time
  • Cooking and preparing 2 macrobiotic meals + breakfast per day, according to the mother´s health
  • Massage for mum and baby
  • Support mom emotionally and physically

The Complete Plan is €2500

*travel expenses are not included