Mothering the Mother Retreat

Mothering the Mother

Our seasonal retreat, specially design for mothers with babies until 18 months, is created with full attention to details and full attention to the mothers and babies needs. The stay has all what is needed: privacy, space and independence. 

Mothering the Mother Retreat is in a beautiful environment, with healthy food and practices, meticulously planned to nurture and energize you, so you can be the mother you want to be. Here you will be held and supported, you will have time for yourself while we help take care of your baby.

Remember that your baby feels the energy within you, and your mood affects his mood. 

Our soft and tender practices include: mother’s circle; feminine practices with herbs to nurture you like footbath with meditation and tea ceremony; sound bath, baby massage for mother and baby bonding; pelvic floor awareness. We share knowledge about Macrobiotic food and how to use it as medicine to have vitality through motherhood and to nurture your babieis.


Our aim is to nurture you mom. We know how the first year in motherhood can be challenging and overwhelming and how sometimes a mom forgets about herself. 


Be informed about the date of our next Mothering the Mother Retreat by email and then we call talk about you feel and what you need.

With love, 

Rute Candeias Vinagre

Tree of life was founded to support mothers in their journey. Our team works with mothers, babies and families on a daily basis.  We will work in partnership with great professionals to give you and your baby all the support and experiences to enjoy these days.