We know the challenges that the birth of a baby brings.

If you know a family that is having a baby soon, offer them specialized care and support. This is the best gift you can give to future parents. They won’t be thanking you enough!

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This E-book is designed to help families plan their postpartum period.

At Tree of Life we believe that the foundations for the smooth development of the family and the recovery of vitality for the mother’s longevity are established during the postpartum period. “It’s the first 40 days in the cot that prepare the next 40 years.” (Indian saying)

In this E-book you will find tips, lists, recipes and everything you need to know to have a calm, pleasant and blissful postpartum. We know the postpartum period is when the family learns how to integrate the new life that just arrived. And we can help you. Get in touch to know more.