Home and personal support

Tree of Life offers home and personal support during the postpartum period at home for new mothers, their babies and the family. We know this is a journey full of challenges, so we believe that specialized support and assistance are essential to step into the fascinating world of motherhood in a smooth and balanced way. Happy mothers, happy babies!

The first few days of the maternity journey can be emotionally and physically challenging. Bursts of love on one hand and an overwhelmed self on the other. Yes, the postpartum is a period of deep and quick physical, mental and emotional changes for the mother. To help you in the first 7 to 15 days at home, we created 4 plans.

Each mother, baby and family is unique so the Tree of Life also brings you the chance to create a plan that is tailored to your needs.

And because babies, mothers and families are our priority and we know that ailments and some illnesses are part of the way (and healthy one), we also have the Support Self-service for families in case of illness.

*All of our services are provided according to a budget that includes travel expenses.

Contacte-nos e em conjunto chegaremos à solução ideal para si e para a sua família.

The Essential Plan

It’s during the immediate postpartum period (the first 7 days after labour) that the mother and her baby go through the most baffling transformation.
Tree of Life is specialized in supporting families during this delicate development period of the baby. Creating skills is also our motto!

We know the first days are crucial in connecting (and bonding) the mother and the baby. And we also keep a close eye on the mother’s recovery. We’re all eyes, we don’t miss a thing!

The duration of the Essential Plan is 3 hours of support for 7 days after delivery.

The Plan includes:

  • –  Baby and mother health checks

  • –  Support on breastfeeding and bottle baby feeding

  • –  Keeping the rest area tidy

  • –  Childcare: bathing support, nappy changing and other baby

    care shores

  • –  Supporting the mother in their personal hygiene and rest

  • –  Discussing and clarifying concerns and queries about the

    postpartum period through reliable information

    The Essential Plan is € 422

    *travel expenses are not included

Contacte-nos para delinearmos o seu plano pós-parto personalizado às suas necessidades

Personalized Plan

You can also create a tailored plan from the Essential Plan, adding more hours, days or extra services, such as:
– Mother and baby postpartum appointment + Guthrie test
– IBCLC appointment

– Mother Aromatherapy appointment
– Mother food diet appointment
– Nursing/paediatrics follow-up appointment – Macrobiotic Meals

*These services are not included in the Essential Plan

Contacte-nos e em conjunto chegaremos à solução
ideal para si e para a sua família.


We’re well aware that nights can be a mission. A few hours of those much-deserved fast asleep moments are enough to get you back on your feet. We hear you! That’s why we give families the chance to benefit from our support during the night so they can rest. How about loll over that snooze you have been dreaming of? Literally. Yes, we think so too. Enjoy it.

1 night 180€

*travel expenses are not included

Contacte-nos e em conjunto chegaremos à solução
ideal para si e para a sua família.

Family Support

You can create your support plan for those demanding family moments:

• We support your family in any situation: During those crazy periods or simply because you need to have that time to your- self and leave your baby in good hands for a while.

• In case of childhood illness or other situations: We support the baby’s growth, during their different growth stages and transitions whose needs sometimes come with bit of trouble in health, moods, sleep and even illness.

To create your plan, send us an e-mail and let us know about:

• the number of daily hours;
• the number of days;
• and the type of services you’re looking for;
We’re happy to send you a quote.
If you need support to create your plan, please contact us at rute@treeoflife.pt and together we’ll create the package of services that meets your needs.