Yin and Yang in postpartum food

Yin and Yang is a Chinese philosophical concept represented by two distinct poles, two primary forces of creation, opposite and complementary, that create and manage all phenomena. Yin integrates the night, the new moon, the winter, the shadow, the cold, stillness and slowness and is represented by the black colour. Yang is the day, the […]

Postpartum neuroplasticity – Baby Brain

We decided to bring this issue that started in a recent post on social media about breastfeeding, so we really had to develop it on the Tree of Life’s blog. It’s true that a woman’s brain changes during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, it’s also true that there are ‘functions’ that, as they are […]

Puerperal dysphoria or Baby Blues

Puerperal dysphoria is an emotional state caused by hormonal changes that can appear during the puerperium and which is distinguished from postpartum depression, as a psychiatric/psychological disorder. The most frequent symptoms are sadness, crying, irritability, tiredness, insecurity, difficulty concentrating and changes in appetite and may appear in the first three days after delivery and last […]