What we do

Motherhood is sacred and should be treated with respect, care and love

Tree of Life provides postpartum home support for mothers and their families. 

Primarily, we support the mother and the baby, but we can also support other family members. We plan our intervention accordingly the family routines and wishes, giving them confidence and assurance during this wonderful and overwhelming phase, while performing their new roles. 

We support the mother and the baby at feeding times (breastfeeding or bottle) and making delicious and nutritious meals specifically for postpartum.

We carry out basic check-ups to ensure the health of both the mother and the baby, and provide reliable and useful information/tips for each stage of the postpartum period.

We also carry out small daily household shores.

We work under the guidance of the family and we focus on your well-being. We adapt to family dynamics and do not interfere with the mother and the family’s decisions or choices.

Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team that provides home support services to families during the postpartum period.

We believe that during this very challenging phase, families especially the mother and baby need support in various aspects of family life so that the postpartum period can be a relaxing, magical and happy moment.

Our team is a group of specialized nurses in maternal and midwifery health and Maternal Caregivers, in cooperation with nurses and general practitioners, with experience in postpartum and childcare.

We follow a very strong code of ethics in which the health and well-being of families are our priority.

Your privacy will be fully respected, as well as any decisions and choices you make.

Supporting a family to welcome the arrival of a new baby in a calm and comfortable environment is what moves us.

The team

Rute Candeias Vinagre

She’s a mother of three and has been working as an energetic therapist for 10 years. She practices the macrobiotic lifestyle and diet for 8 years.

She is a nutrition, food introduction and natural health consultant for babies and children and a facilitator for women’s circles, working mostly with pregnant women, mothers and babies.

Rute founded Tree of Life – Maternity Care to provide to all mothers a more peaceful, accompanied and magical postpartum.

Raquel Cajão

Is a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Master in Maternal Health and Obstetrics, Nurse Midwife and Master in Freedom of Movement and Positioning Throughout Labour in and out of water. She sees women as generators of life, capable of giving birth naturally and spontaneously. For Raquel, birth is a unique moment in the life of a woman, their partner and society that brings transformation and awareness.

Esther De Leon Rodriguez

Is a specialist in General and Family Practice and a member of the Scientific Committee of the Portuguese Association of Aromatherapy. She is specialized in monitoring women’s health (family planning, contraception, gynaecological pathologies, pregnancy, labour and postpartum) as well as in monitoring children from birth.

Raquel Chaves

Is a Nurse Midwife and has training as a doula. After a difficult breastfeeding journey, she realized she needed to know all about breastfeeding. She’s certified as an International Lactation Consultant and passionate about supporting alongside families in Parenting, which so often manifests itself as challenging, but which has the potential to be incredibly transformative.

Andresa Olímpio

A mother of 2, is passionate about reading, thinking and also personal development. She has a Bachelor Degree in Communication and Marketing and studies book biding and literature. She creates and manages social media content and also brings her knowledge and vision to the marketing strategy.


Karen Goldman

Is from Liverpool and has been living in the Netherlands since 2007. A mother of 3 adults and the founder of Bumpandbeyond where she teaches classes about pregnancy and infants. She was trained to teach preparation for labour classes at the National Childbirth Trust in the UK and she also holds a Doula course by the renowned British activist Sheila Kitzinger. Karen also teaches Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga and Baby Massage.

Madalena Ferreira

Has always had an interest in maternity care throughout her life. In the first days after giving birth to her first child, she reframed her purpose and realized that offering support and assistance during postpartum was her aim.

What she most admires about being a Maternity Caregiver is being able to provide the mother and the family with the confidence to live a soothing postpartum period.