In many parts of the world, there are many different ways to live the postpartum period, but beside the differences, in most of them, the mother is cared for, pampered, fed, nourished, and supported by the mother, mother-in-law, or maternity caregivers, not only for her to be able to take care of and breastfeed her baby but also to fully recover from childbirth.

On the website, there are some references to some traditional postpartum rituals in different countries.

There are more similarities than differences; most postpartum mothers have someone who prepares meals and drinks suitable for milk production and potty recovery. This care also includes, in certain countries, massages and natural products to care for and treat the mother’s body.

The recovery period varies from country to country, but between 21 and 100 days after birth, the new mother is advised to avoid leaving the house and to be looked after with special care, either by family members or professionals.

In South Korea, the recovery period is 21 days after birth and is called sanhujori. In India and Morocco, the recovery period is 40 days after birth and is called jaapa and taqsan, respectively. In China, the recovery period is zuò yuè zi. In Japan, the recovery period is 100 days after birth and is called osouji.

In Iceland, there is a tradition called rúntur, in which the new family takes a walk around the place to introduce the baby to the community. This tradition is believed to bring good luck and support to the new family.

In some Australian indigenous cultures, there is a tradition of mothers participating in yarning circles, during which they come together with other mothers and fathers to share their experiences and receive support during the postnatal period.

Emotional support, meal preparation, body treatments, sharing, and, we would add, cleaning the resting space—the ancestral tradition confirms the importance of caring for the new mother and the new family. And we, as maternity caregivers, ensure that this path is followed with love and dedication.
With love,
Rute Candeias Vinagre
photo:Alena Shekhovtsova

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