As a mom, do you ever feel a little voice or a feeling, like a pressure in your stomach, when you have to make a decision? Well, congratulations, you’re just feeling your gut intuition, which in fact is connected to your brain – the messages came from the insula and the amygdala. 
This is what the neuroscientist Antonio Damasio call somatic markers –  messages that are sensations that something “feels” right or wrong, simplify decision making by guiding our attention toward better options.

The birth of mother’s intuition begin in the pregnancy, specifically in the womb, due to the rise and fall of gestational hormones and with the surge of oxytocin in labour. The mother is biologically prepared to take care of her baby and to make sure he’s safe, so her sensitive is more accurate to what is safe, dangerous, good, and bad for him.
And for mothers who feel confused clarifying the difference between fear, anxiety and intuition, here’s what two psychiatrists said about: 
 – “The trouble with our instincts is that when we’re out of balance, they tend to lead us in the wrong directions. Intuition is the innate knowledge gifted to us by nature and can only be accessed in a place of calm awareness. Instincts can be wrong, but intuition is always right.” Shimi Kang, neuroscience researcher

– “Intuition comes through as neutral, non-emotionally charged, and almost impersonal—just information. Fear, on the other hand, has a high emotional charge and may be related to anxiety issues the mother hasn’t worked out.” Judith Orloff
So intuition ‘isn´t working’ when you are stress – sympathetic nervous system. To access to your intuition you need to be calm, grounded and centered. You need to take care of yourself and do what works for you to awake your inner voice and gain confidence to trust it. 
Believe that mother’s intuition is real, is useful and your baby are protected by it. But you have to take care of you first. This is the first mission of a baby, to make the mother look for herself first. Your world, your peace, your confidence, your health will be felt by your baby. He need you on the path of strength, firmness and courage.
With love,
Rute Candeias Vinagre
photo: Janko Ferlic 

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