Before you read I want to explain about my beliefs and whilst vocabulary. I recognize that exists an energy, higher intelligence that connects all beings. I call it God, but some call it the Whole, The Universe, Supreme Energy. I don’t think of God as a male Divinity that is omnipresent. Yes, I was raised as Catholic, I believe the Jesus and Holly Mary lived, but I assume the story is incomplete in the bible, if not distorted. I studied Buddhism, Judaism, Kabbalah and Hinduism. Consider all religions have a base of Love and the holy books are written in a metaphorical and symbolic way.

So let’s start…


Motherhood is one of the highest soul path

Don’t get me wrong, it might sound a little too much, but I really believe it is, or at least it can be taken that way.

Let’s think about it for a moment, we have a famous story from the bible from an angel that informed a woman that she was pregnant with the Son of God.

In my personal life I knew when I was pregnant with my second after asking to my guru’s image on the altar –what’s going on with me? It was a surprise. It is always a surprise even if you tried to conceive for a long time. How fantastic it is that this soul was manifested in that exact moment. And how amazing it is the connection between all the members in his/her family.

It is not a coincidence….

So mothers are the portal to bring a soul to earth. It requires trust and surrender. Love and strength.

Mothers are also one of the keepers and guardians of that soul. Destiny trusted those souls to mothers. There is a Judaic saying that goes more or less like this: In the impossibility to be everywhere God created the Mother.

To take care of new soul, of a baby, it requires love, devotion, humbleness and discipline. All the features you have to have when you do Karma Yoga in any ashram or to do Puja every day.

To feed, change diaper, dress, play, admire, rock to sleep, feed, change diaper, dress, play, admire, rock to sleep, is a daily devotional practice.

Is it or not, one of the highest devotional practices it exists? To take care of the most sacred thing humans can co-create.

To hold and nurture a baby, to support their growth into a child and becoming an adult, might be one of the most sacred and divine yet humanly imperfect tasks that we as human beings have. It is so holy and raw, the real paradox of life and existence.

But to hold and nurture a baby, to support their growth and to be consciously and aware enough that this being doesn’t belong to us mothers, nor to fathers, but to the Whole and that he has his own divine purpose to live is even a much higher practice. The practice of love without conditions, the practice of giving without expecting to receive the practice of teaching and let them go.

Motherhood is about hold, love and to know when to let go.

Of course we receive love from our babies, all the smiles, hugs, kisses and ”I love you” are amazing and fill our hearts. We expand of joy with all the little steps they make. Motherhood is filled with grace, love and joy. It’s a roller coaster of feelings, learnings and evolvement.

Our little ones are the most adorable creatures on earth; they make us see the beauty in small things, to connect to our inner child again. By this they unconsciously touch our inner child wounds and shadows which sometimes can be extremely painful. If we allow their love and innocence to touch us deeply and to transform our fears and traumas we will become better moms and human beings.

This little human has the ability to enlighten our shadows; we just have to surrender to that.

And our hearts open even more wide and deeper into love.


With love,

Rute Candeias Vinagre 


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