Think for a moment about all the stories you’ve heard about childbirth, I bet the word orgasmic isn’t at the top of the list, or even included. Orgasmic birth is about the connection between birth and sexuality, the idea of reaching orgasm during childbirth is not, however, intended to put new pressure on women (they already have enough); rather, it’s about challenging one’s current belief system related to birth, and being open to the idea that birth is actually “a sexual act.” It’s a fact that during labour and birth, the baby moves through the same parts of the woman’s body involved in sexual pleasure.

Tantric Childbirth is a physiological and natural process. We don’t need to think too much… Studies show that the same organs and hormones involved in sexual orgasm are activated during childbirth; And let’s be clear, making an analogy of the female anatomy, I remind you that when the baby goes down the birth canal, he’s going through the same place where the Lingam (male genitals) penetrates the Yoni (female genitals) to provoke the orgasm, and the pleasure that comes from the contraction and relaxation of the vaginal and uterine muscles. It’s important to consider that the passage of the baby through the Yoni canal compresses the inner parts of the clitoris in a unique way, providing a pleasure experienced only at the time of delivery.

Tantric Childbirth is about unlocking intimacy, creativity and inspiration and empower both woman and man. 
“I gave birth to my children in pain.” We’re rarely surprised when we hear the violent stories of childbirth. These stories have already become something “natural”, but thinking about it, would it be possible to have a different birth? A birth in which we can report good experiences about sensations we haven’t had or feel yet? I invite you to discover the Tantric Childbirth!

There’s an increasing number of women saying that instead of a painful moment the birth was a moment of ecstasy and a great pleasure. They also say that they had very intense orgasms, multiple orgasms, that expanded through the body, and that they laughed and cried at the same time, in a trance state. Instead of the desperate and hysterical screams filled with fear, the moans were the sonorous expression of the instinctual, strong, active and Divine nature of the Woman.

Before we decide to have an orgasmic delivery, we need to know a few things about Orgasm. When I talk about orgasm, don’t think just about your genitals, you’re much more than your physical body. Orgasm is a magnetic energy, just like gravitational energy, solar, lunar energy… Everything around us is magnetic energy. This is not new, Einstein discovered this truth in the year 1905. Orgasm is the transforming Agent of consciousness.
To this day, the female orgasm remains a myth for many, in fact, self-esteem, confidence, the consequences of the sexual act, social pressures, negative memories related to sex, among other elements, influence women’s sexual experience and the ability to circulate Cosmic-orgasmic energy.

Shifting the focus from theory to practice, I would like to share some important tips about the Orgasmic Delivery. There are 3 steps on this path: unlocking Intimacy, managing stress and hormones, and creating a proper Lifestyle.

Unlocking Intimacy: It’s crucial to unlock our toxic view of childbirth and create a new perspective on it. We need to start seeing childbirth as an erotic, pleasurable experience. If we can create new life with pleasure, then why not bring life into this world with pleasure as well? Unlocking intimacy also means that we need to feel good about our own sexuality. We need to balance the masculine energy with feminine energy*, and find the passion for the moment of childbirth.One last tip at this point, maintaining presence helps unlock intimacy.
Managing stress and hormones: if we want to experience a Tantric birth, it’s necessary to release our stress. Daily, we live in a very stressed world, watching television or driving creates stress to our body, so having techniques specially designed for each of us, to release stress, and thus, our hormones flow naturally; And if our hormones are balanced, our emotions are balanced; And if our emotions are balanced, we can live in our center.
One last tip at this point, if we have a strong connection to ourselves, we will be able to manage stress better.

Create a Lifestyle: Every pregnancy requires a lifestyle change. Lifestyle is necessary to prepare for orgasmic delivery, only then can we maintain our center and be in full intimacy. Our lifestyle must accommodate our transformations through pleasure and not through suffering. Any lifestyle a woman chooses that is suitable for her should include breathing, movement and healthy eating techniques.

I will also mention 3 essential keys to achieving a Tantric birth, these are Mindfulness, Organization, Movement (M.O.M).

Mindfulness: treating the health of the mind and living in the present moment.

Organization: accept that there is unpredictability. For example, a woman wants to give birth at home, but ends up having to go to the hospital. And organization here also refers to knowing how to organize our time.
Movement: Having a personalized practice that helps with pelvic movement. Pelvic movement prepares the body and mind for a calm and erotic moment.
Thus, we believe that educating people about the possibility of sexual pleasure during labor allows more mothers to see their births as joyful and positive experiences. Tantric Childbirth empowers the entire Family and creates better possibilities for future generations.

Text by Academia Reicha Yoga

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