The Mums

Who have just given birth and live a very special moment in their lives. They bear the contrast between a tired body and a heart full of love; sleep deprivation versus the joy and pride of having generated life.

The Babies

Who have just “re-met” their mother, father and siblings, and experience a whole new world of light. They’re adapting to new life outside the womb and for the first time are breathing without the mother.

The Families

That come by a complete life-changing reality (to say the least). In a nutshell, their daily routines are turned upside down, the mother’s focus is on the baby (baby brainer much?). Families learn again to be together and to communicate amidst the baby’s needs.


How It All Started

Tree of Life was born in my mind and in my heart in 2016, when my first daughter was born in The Netherlands. We were entitled to postpartum support from a Kraamzorg — a service in the Netherlands and Belgium where postnatal care is provided to a new mother and her baby in the initial eight to 10 days immediately after birth — and it meant the world to me. I realized at the time that postpartum could be more challenging than pregnancy and labour itself. 

After moving to Portugal and during the postpartum period of my second daughter, which was shorter and more intense, I started to plan this project along with Raquel Cajão. My third pregnancy marked the launch of this much-loved project.

And yes, my last postpartum was wonderful because I planned it, because I had a lot of support and because I had the chance to rest a lot.

Rute Vinagre